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LELO Luna Beads

Product ID: A00107
Tighten your vagina and keep it healthy.
Orgasm comes easier and more intense!
More pleasures during sex for both you and him.
Proven benefits for women of all ages
Comfortable and safe at all times
In stock.
"Sales of Luna Beads went up 560% because of [Fifty Shades of Grey]"
- A sex shop in New York -

"You can multi task, run errands, and do what needs to be done while exercising your PC muscles at the same time- these are the perfect sexual tool for a busy woman with a hectic life."
- Mighty Dreamer -

LUNA beads are for women who treasure their sensuality. A stylish and discreet alternative to the traditional 'geisha balls', the beads work to strengthen the vaginal wall and PC muscles through more effective Kegel exercising. When placed delicately inside, they deliver a subtle, movement-induced vibe that prompts the muscles to contract, ensuring a comfortable and convenient workout that fits with every routine. This promises an array of health benefits, improving muscular control for women of all ages, while revealing the pleasures that caring for your body will bring.

LUNA Beads has two sizes:
Luna Classic (diameter 36mm): Designed for those with sexual experiences before or over 30 and/or who have experienced childbirth.
Luna Mini (diameter 29mm): Designed for women under 30 who have never experienced childbirth.

* We recommend female with sexual experiences use the normal version first. Because the Mini version is small and easy to fall out. If you are using a Mini version and it keeps falling out, try to use a normal version first. After your muscles tightened, switch to Mini version.

** If you cannot insert the normal version easily, apply more lubricant. The vagina opening is tighter but the inside is more spacious. It is normal to experience some difficulties and patience required when inserting. Once inside you should be comfortable.

As with all pleasure objects by LELO, LUNA beads are designed to offer total peace of mind in whatever situations arise. Made with FDA-approved and phthalate-free ABS/ silicone, the set of two 28-gram and two 37-gram beads are intended for developing increased resistance over time. Every LUNA bead system comes presented in an elegant gift box and luxury satin pouch, in addition to a user manual, retraction leash and full 1-year LELO warranty.

We included extracts from Fifty Shades of Grey that mentions the creative use of Luna Beads at the bottom of this page for your reference.
From Fifty Shades of Grey:

Very gently, he puts the balls in my mouth. “They need lubrication. Suck,” he orders, his voice soft. The balls are cold, smooth, surprisingly heavy, and metallic tasting. My dry mouth pools with saliva as my tongue explores the unfamiliar objects. Christian’s gray gaze does not leave mine. Holy hell, this is turning me on. I squirm slightly.
“Keep still, Anastasia,” he warns.
“Stop.” He tugs them from my mouth. Moving toward the bed, he throws the duvet aside and sits down on the edge.
“Come here.” I stand in front of him. “Now turn round, bend down, and grasp your ankles.” I blink at him, and his expression darkens. “Don’t hesitate,” he admonishes me softly, an undercurrent in his voice, and he pops the balls in his mouth. Fuck, this is sexier than the toothbrush.
I follow his orders immediately. Jeez, can I touch my ankles? I find I can, with ease. The t-shirt slides up my back, exposing my be- hind. Thank heavens I have retained my panties, but I suspect I won’t for long.
He places his hand reverently on my backside and very softly caresses it with his whole hand. With my eyes open, I can see his legs through mine, nothing else. I close my eyes tightly as he gently moves my panties to the side and slowly runs his finger up and down my sex. My body braces itself in a heady mix of wild anticipation and arousal. He slides one finger inside me, and he circles it deliciously slowly. Oh, it feels good. I moan.
His breathing halts, and I hear him gasp as he repeats the motion. He withdraws his finger and very slowly inserts the objects, one slow, delicious ball at a time. Oh my. They’re body temperature, warmed by our collective mouths. It’s a curious feeling. Once they’re inside me, I can’t really feel them – but then again I know they’re there. He straightens my panties and leans forward, and his lips softly kiss my behind. “Stand up,” he orders, and shakily I get to my feet. Oh! Now I can feel them... sort of. He grasps my hips to steady me while I re-establish my equilibrium.
“You okay?” he asks, his voice stern. “Yes.” My answer is feather soft. “Turn round.” I turn and face him. The balls pull downward and involuntarily I clench around them.
The feeling startles me but not in a bad way. “How does that feel?” he asks. “Strange.” “Strange good or strange bad?” “Strange good,” I confess, blushing. “Good.” There’s a trace of humor lurking in his eyes. “I want a glass of water. Go and fetch one for me please.” Oh. “And when you come back, I shall put you across my knee. Think about that, Anastasia.”
Water? He wants water – now – why?
As I leave the bedroom, it becomes abundantly clear why he wants me to walk around – as I do, the balls weigh down inside me, massaging me internally. It’s such a weird feel- ing and not entirely unpleasant. In fact, my breathing accelerates as I stretch up for a glass from the kitchen cabinet, and I gasp. Oh my... I may have to keep these. They make me needy, needy for sex.
He’s watching me carefully when I return. “Thank you,” he says as he takes the glass from me. Slowly, he takes a sip then places the glass on his bedside table. There’s a foil packet, ready and waiting, like me. And I know he’s doing this to build the anticipation. My heart has picked up a beat. He turns his bright gray gaze to mine.
“Come. Stand beside me. Like last time.”
I sidle up to him, my blood thrumming through my body, and this time... I’m excited. Aroused.
“Ask me,” he says softly. I frown. Ask him what? “Ask me,” his voice is slightly harder. What? How was your water? What does he want? “Ask me, Anastasia. I won’t say it again.” And there’s such a threat implicit in his words, and it dawns on me. He wants me to ask him to spank me. Holy shit. He’s looking at me expectantly, his eyes growing colder. Shit. “Spank me, please... Sir,” I whisper. He closes his eyes momentarily, savoring my words. Reaching up, he grasps my left hand and he tugs me over his knees. I fall instantly, and he steadies me as I land in his lap. My heart is in my mouth as his hand gently strokes my behind. I’m angled across his lap again so that my torso rests on the bed beside him. This time he doesn’t throw his leg over mine, but smoothes my hair out of my face and tucks it behind my ear. Once he’s done, he clasps my hair at the nape to hold me in place. He tugs gently and my head shifts back.
“I want to see your face while I spank you, Anastasia,” he murmurs, all the while softly rubbing my backside.
His hand moves down between the cheeks of my behind, and he pushes against my sex, and the full feeling is... I moan. Oh, the sensation is exquisite.
“This is for pleasure, Anastasia, mine and yours,” he whispers softly.
He lifts his hand and brings it down in a resounding slap against the junction of my thighs, my behind, and my sex. The balls are forced forward inside me, and I’m lost in a quagmire of sensation. The stinging across my behind, the fullness of the balls inside me, and the fact that he’s holding me down. I screw my face up as my faculties attempt to absorb all these foreign feelings. I note somewhere in my brain that he’s not smacked me as hard as last time. He caresses my backside again, trailing his palm across my skin and over my underwear.
Why’s he not removed my panties? Then his palm disappears, and he brings it down again. I groan as the sensation spreads. He starts a pattern: left to right and then down. The down ones are the best. Everything moving forward, inside me... and in between each smack he caresses me, kneads me – so I am massaged inside and out. It’s such a stimulat- ing, erotic feeling, and for some reason, because this is on my terms, I don’t mind the pain. It’s not painful as such – well it is, but not unbearable. It’s somehow manageable, and yes pleasurable... even. I groan. Yes, I can do this.
He pauses as he slowly peels my panties down my legs. I writhe on his legs, not because I want to escape the blows, but I want... more, release, something. His touch against my sensitized skin is all sensuous tingle. It’s overwhelming, and he starts again. A few soft slaps then building up, left to right and down. Oh, the downs, I groan.
“Good girl, Anastasia,” he groans, and his breathing is ragged.
He spanks me twice more, and then he pulls at the small threads attached to the balls and jerks them out of me suddenly. I almost climax – the feeling is out of this world.
Material: body safe silicone

Girdle size: 89 x 35 x 16 mm / 75 x 30 x 10 mm (Mini)
Bead size: 36 mm
Bead size (Mini): 29 mm
Weight: 2 x 28 grams (petal pink) 2 x 37 grams (powder blue)

*Unless specified, if applicable, our products will ship with a 3-pin UK plug (Good for Hong Kong). We will provide a plug adapter if the plug type of your delivery address is two pin (flat or round) or Australia type.

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